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0202YEFA   Bikini Yellow
0111VTAB   Black Lace
0107JTAB   Black Velvet
NS0501-CJ   Campfire (Colonial Jasper)
0101AQAB   Carribean Aqua
NC0506-MG   Cleopatra (Multi-Gemstone Chips)
0103CLAB   Crystal Ball
0302DGCE   Earthy Green
DFP-0111   Elusive Dragonfly in Black Lace
DFP-0101   Elusive Dragonfly in Carribean Aqua
DFB-0105   Elusive Dragonfly in Envious Emerald
DFP0108   Elusive Dragonfly in Glitzy Green
DFB-0104   Elusive Dragonfly in Midnight Blue
DFB-0106   Elusive Dragonfly in Purple Heat
0105EMAB   Envious Emerald
NS0503-GJ   Forest Path (Green Line Jasper)
0108PEAB   Glitzy Green
FFGR-0104   Green Flip Flop in Midnight Blue
0303LVCE   Lavender Mist
NC0504-LJ   Leopardskin Jasper
0110RDAB   Lipstick Red
0401BLHQ-P   Mardi Gras
0104DBAB   Midnight Blue
0205TOFC   Mother Earth
TS-0107   Mother Earth Turtle in Black Velvet
TS-0101   Mother Earth Turtle in Carribean Aqua
TG-0105   Mother Earth Turtle in Envious Emerald
TS-0108   Mother Earth Turtle in Glitzy Green
TG-0104   Mother Earth Turtle in Midnight Blue
TS-0104   Mother Earth Turtle in Midnight Blue
NC0509-MP   On The Beach (Natural Mother of Pearl Squares)
PS-0107   Peace Sign in Black Velvet
PS-0105   Peace Sign in Envious Emerald
PS-0104   Peace Sign in Midnight Blue
0402AQHQ-P   Peacock Feathers (Aqua)
FFPK-0112   Pink Flip Flop in Pink Hottie
0106PPAB   Purple Heat
0306PPCE   Purple Silk
HSS-0105   Racey Horseshoe in Envious Emerald
HSG-0205   Racey Horseshoe in Mother Earth
0301GRCE   Smokey Grey
0109PKAB   Softly Pink
NC0507-AZ   Something Blue (Turquoise Amazonite Chips)
SF-0111   Starfish Wish in Black Lace
SF-0107   Starfish Wish in Black Velvet
SF-0101   Starfish Wish in Carribean Aqua
SF-0105   Starfish Wish in Envious Emerald
SF-0108   Starfish Wish in Glitzy Green
SF-0104   Starfish Wish in Midnight Blue
SF-0109   Starfish Wish in Softly Pink
SM-0111   Starry Night Moon in Black Lace
SM-0107   Starry Night Moon in Black Velvet
SM-0104   Starry Night Moon in Midnight Blue
NS0502-FJ   Stepping Stones (Fancy Jasper)
FFBS-0203   Striped Flip Flop in Tiki Tangerine
0304LGCE   Summer Green
0201GDFC   Sunrise Gold
0305PKCE   Sunset Pink
0203ORFA   Tiki Tangerine
0204TOGL   Tortuga Girl
0307TQCE   Turquoise Sky
0308WHCE   Willowy White

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