Foot Bling Things

My Dad was a blacksmith and a true artist in every sense. He made the most beautiful things out of iron. He taught me how to make something out of nothing and have fun doing it. Growing up and living in rural Chester County, Pennsylvania, I have been surrounded by the natural beauty of Mother Nature and greatly influenced by Her use of color throughout our world. The combination of my upbringing and love of making things has led me down the path to Foot Bling Things.

About a decade ago Foot Bling Things started out to be just a fun something I made for my daughters and girlfriends to wear. We loved wearing them because they were different from anything else and, they sparkled! Because of their encouragement, and MUCH encouragement and support from my husband, I left my day job of 28 years and am now devoting my creative energies to Foot Bling Things, because a girl just can’t have enough bling!


Marcia Dickerson